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We bill for our services by the hour in tenths of an hour. Our bills identify the professional providing service and a detailed description of the work performed. We bill our actual expenses incurred, such as court fees, transcript fees, and travel expenses, at our actual cost without markup. Minor/routine copying and imaging are not charged; unusual imaging or copying, such as for extensive document productions, will be charged at our cost for outside services or at an agreed rate for internal copying. Mileage is charged at the applicable IRS rates at the time incurred. Travel time is billed using the same hourly rates. Overhead, faxes, telephone and data charges, normal computerized research, and secretarial and clerical time are not billed.

Bills on active matters typically are sent monthly, with payment expected within 30 days.

If the matter is accepted on an evergreen retainer basis, the retainer will be deposited in a trust account consistent with current Michigan Supreme Court rules. Once the file is billed, the billed amount will be paid from the retainer trust account. Client payment for the amount billed is expected within 30 days to restore the evergreen retainer to the agreed amount.

We welcome and attempt to promptly, fairly and professionally resolve any billing question. Subject to applicable ethical rules, we reserve the right to discontinue services for non-payment.

New Clients

We welcome new clients, typically only after telephone contact. Please call our office, (586) 563-3500. Like many attorneys these days, we receive bogus phishing emails allegedly seeking to hire us; we will not respond to email requests from prospective clients.

We normally do not accept cases on a contingent fee basis. If we do not have an established attorney-client relationship, our representation will not begin until we have a signed client engagement letter or retainer agreement, usually in conjunction with our first meeting, and have received any required evergreen retainer payment.

We would be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have regarding our billing practices or bills. Please contact us at, or at (586) 563-3500.

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